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U.S. General Curtis Scaparrotti said “Russia Is ‘Primary Threat’ to Euro-Atlantic Security

U.S. General Curtis Scaparrotti, has recently said that Russia continues to be the “primary threat” to Euro-Atlantic security and voiced concern about Moscow’s military modernization program.

On March 13 at a hearing in the House of Representatives, Scaparrotti also said Russia seeks to undermine any steps toward Euro-Atlantic integration in the Balkans using disinformation and backing extremist forces throughout the region.

“Russia has continued its reemergence as strategic competitor and remains the primary threat to a stable Euro-Atlantic security environment,” Scaparrotti told the House Committee on Armed Services.


“While the United States maintains global military superiority over Russia, evolving Russian capabilities threaten or erode our competitive military advantage, challenge our ability to operate uncontested in all domains, and diminish our ability to deter Russian aggression.”

Scaparrotti also quoted that, in the face of Moscow’s drive to upgrade its armed forces, U.S. military dominance could only be maintained if America keeps investing in defense.

“I am very concerned about their [military] modernization program. It’s real and it’s a good modernization program that [Russian President Vladimir Putin] has been able to keep on track by-and-large. And so while today — as I noted in my opening [remarks] — we have a dominant force, in the years ahead we won’t unless we continue to invest as well,” he further said.

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