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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a large public meeting in Rohtak, Haryana

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a large public meeting in Rohtak, Haryana today. The rally saw PM Modi hit out at the Congress party and its leaders for their arrogant and divisive politics while contrasting the BJP government’s track record in Haryana since 2014. Launching a scathing attack at the senior Congress leader Sam Pitroda for his recent remarks against about the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in which he said, “Yes, the riots happened in 1984, so what?” , PM Modi said, “These remarks show the utter arrogance and hatred for the Sikh community that the Congress party and its leaders have in their hearts. That such a statement comes from one of the closest friends of the Gandhi family is a matter of even more disgust because until now despite knowing that thousands of Sikhs were brutally killed in many states in 1984, the Congress party never did anything to give justice to the victims, but this time, their leader has tried to justify those gruesome killings. These statements clearly show that Congress party has no value for costly human lives.”

Describing how the BJP government’s steadfast approach on infrastructural development led to the transformation of the country in the last five years, PM Modi said, “When we took over in 2014, India was the 11th largest economy in the world, today is the sixth largest as well as the fastest growing major economy in the world. Today, a record number of infrastructural projects are undergoing across the country in numerous sectors ranging from defence, manufacturing, road construction, space technology and services. These milestones have been made possible by the continuous support this government has received from the people since 2014 which made our resolve to further develop the country even stronger.”
PM Modi later lashed out at the previous Congress governments in Haryana for ruining the state’s economy by selling the local farmers’ lands at throwaway prices for corrupt land deals while also depriving the local youth of unemployment opportunities through widespread fraud in hiring and interviews. He further applauded the incumbent government of CM Khattar for putting people’s interests and state’s economy back in track with a clean track-record.

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