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BJP creating monumental moment in election 2019 # Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi – Pc Insta
The historical victory of BJP government is shared by the Honourable Narendra Modi. The reaction of this winning is shared by a social message.

Modi shared a tweet “सबका साथ + सबका विकास + सबका विश्वास = विजयी भारत
Together we grow.
Together we prosper.
Together we will build a strong and inclusive India.
India wins yet again! #VijayiBharat”
In this, he added One More extension to his campaign slogan “Sabka Vishwash”.
Lok Sabha election 2019: Voting for phase 7 of the Lok Sabha elections is held in 59 parliamentary constituencies spread across 7 states and one Union Territory on May 19. All parliamentary constituencies in Bihar (8), Jharkhand (3), Madhya Pradesh (8), Punjab (13), West Bengal (9), Chandigarh (1), Uttar Pradesh (13) and Himachal Pradesh (4) went in the seventh phase.
The huge success of the bhartiya janata is getting celebrating all over the nation. 

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