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Engineer by profession, Human by heart, launch of book by Swarup Das

Swarup Das

Sanjay Chaturvedi

There are a very few people now a day’s who take time to write a book which is not directly related to their professional profile. Swarup Das, a resident of Faridabad is one of these rare people.  An Engineer by profession, Swarup das has just completed his first book named Consciences The Ethical Motives” The soft launch of this book was held on Tuesday 11th June 2019 at Aravali Golf Club, NIT, Faridabad.


The Chief Guest of the program was Mr. Vineet Pandey while the guest of honor was Dr. CA Ajay Garg. The program was carried forward by very well known poet and Director NGF Radio Shri Mukesh Gambhir.

Mr. Chandan Mehta, a well known actor of the city, introduced Mr. Mukesh Gambhir and the guests to the present. While introducing Mr. Vineet Pandey, Director Sahitya Classes, he spoke about the specialty of Mr. Vineet. He said that while most of the students are seen scared of passing the NET examination once, Mr. Vineet Pandey has passed the SET examination 16 times apart from passing the NET examination six times in addition to JRF two times. He appeared and passed these exams multiple times to find out difficulties students face and to find out the easier ways to solve these exams. He has developed expertise in coaching for competitive exams for which he is well known in Delhi and NCR. His YouTube channel has been subscribed by over 1,40,000 people.

Speaking about Dr. CA Ajay Garg Mr. Gambhir said that he has earned recognition not only as a chartered accountant but also a corporate Lawyer. Apart from being a professional, Mr. Garg is a very well known motivational speaker too.

The program was carried forward with the poetic excellence of Shri Mukesh Gambhir. Mr. Gambhir retired as a Commissioner in Sales Tax department and is much known as a poet with many books in his name.

In his address, writer of the book Mr. Swarup Das said that in spite of being an engineer by profession, he is very much concerned about the human feelings and the ethical behavior of human beings. He informed that the book was actually started in 2007 which, due to his other commitments cannot be completed till now. Now he decided to complete the book in 2019. He said that while the book is the first one of him, he has also started on a few topics more for his next book. He said that the book released just now will be of everyone’s interest because it talks about the inner strength and ethical behavior of people in general.

In his address Chief Guest Mr. Vineet Pandey said that when you want to excel in something you have to come out of your comfort zone. He praised Mr. Swarup Das for writing a book on human values, which is quite unlikely for an engineer. He said that we all should ensure that we don’t load our children with the dreams we could not fulfill for ourselves. Instead we should respect the likings of the children because whom we look as a doctor or engineer may turn out to be a great musician.

Also present on the dais was Former Director Haryana Sahitya Academy Dr. Mukta. She is a President Awardee and is herself an author of 30 books. Two of her books were unveiled in this program too. She said that one has to read the book thorough like chewing every word of it to derive full advantage of this book.  She has been felicitated with Shreshtha Mahila Rachnakar award also.

On the occasion special guests were felicitated with shawl and momento. Eminent personalities from Education and other walks of life were present during the program.

Others present on the occasion included  Ashish, Parinita Malhotra, Anisha, Shyamsunder Kapoor,  Panchjanya Batra Singh, Kavita Vakchi, Renu Makhija Chawla,  S.K. Sachdeva, Abhilasha, K.S. Malik, Jitendra Shah, Divya Virmani,  Neelkanth, Mahavir, Renu, Dinesh Sehgal, Virender Singh, Sebby Singh and others.


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