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A crusader for clean education system, Vineet Pandey

There are people who appear in examinations to provide strength to their career and to settle their professional life. While passing the examination is a matter of ensuring a good livelihood for most of us, there is a person who prepares, appears and passes examinations to get him prepared to help others.

Yes, we are talking about Vineet Pandey who has been imparting coaching to aspirants to students of various government positions. What makes Vineet with many of the coaching centers mushrooming all over the country is his commitment to understand the syllabus and examination with the viewpoint of the student. In order to understand the same, Vineet himself appear in examination and very rightly gets the pulse of the examination. With this he understands not only the pattern of the examination but also what going into the mind of the candidates.  While there are several cases of candidates taking extreme steps after failure in the examination, Vineet is actually a guiding and motivating force to take such candidates hand-in-hand through the difficult stream of examinations.

Running in his 30th year, Vineet has already gained a repo of being an expert to guide the students who wish to pass NTA, NET/JRF examination particularly in English. Vineet himself has passed the NET examination in the year 2012, after which he got an opportunity to work with Delhi University. Later he appeared for JRF which he successfully passed with the all India rank of 4. Continuing his passion for gaining expertise in competitive examinations, he passed five successive examination of NET and another JRF examination.

After passing a number of examinations, Vineet found that the pattern of examinations keep changing from year to year and state to state making it difficult for the candidates to adapt to the new pattern easily. In order to understand the pattern and finding the best methods to attempt these examination he decided to take a feel of these examinations by appearing in all of them one by one as a swimmer takes a feel of the temperature of water before entering it. Vineet knew that not only the NET is different from State eligibility tests, states too differ with each other as far as content and pattern of examination is concerned. In order to understand the pattern of examination from the perspective of the students, Vineet himself appeared and successfully passed SET examination of 16 states. This hard work resulted in making ‘Vineet Pandey’ a name of making possible all impossible tasks as far as education is concerned subject to hard work and sincerity towards goals.

Overcoming the background of financially humble family and making name and fame in the national capital is not an easy task, Vineet says, “Coming out of village and scared of the kids of city making you abandon your journey to success will not work. Youth coming from rural sector to the metro cities in hope of making a career have to understand that no miracles would be waiting for them as far as achieving their dreams is concerned. They should not expect any magic wand to sort out their problems and be a replacement of hard work and a sincere effort towards their goal.”

Vineet started his coaching practice as a professional in the year 2016. Till date he has helped over 800 students getting through NET/JRF and SET. The best thing about his dedicated effort is that he has reached not only to the students of Delhi and other metro cities, but to the students living in the remote rural areas aspiring to achieve a good level in their career. These students come equally from the reputed universities of the country as well as from small town colleges. Reaching them by way of personal interaction, YouTube series and online classes have proved to be extremely helpful in getting their dreams become a reality. ‘Sahitya Classes’, the brand Vineet is recognized with, has done marvelous work for these students. His YouTube channel is the first one in the country to have reached 1,40,000 subscribers to any educational channel, for which he has been awarded with Silver Button.  

As far as the objective of all his effort is concerned, Vineet is committed to contribute towards a clean and strong education environment.  

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